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>>> We Maximize Your Preferred Level of Learning <<<

Our 3 main cognitive learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Visual Learners >>> absorb by seeing – graphs, charts, and pictures.

Auditory Learners >>>retain information through listening and speaking. 

Kinesthetic Learners>>> like to use a hands-on approach to learn new material.

We provide the above learning styles in every course, fully supplemented with Affordable UT quizzes and response opportunities, that competitors neglect to provide.

Additionally, our proprietary process is structured, thorough, and effective in ultimately delivering the knowledge necessary to be more productive…every day.

Each section launches with establishing your goals, then teaching through interactive text, charts, and graphs, engaging with insightful questions, reinforcing with hands-on videos, and concluding with constructive takeaways to help you gain substantive traction in the ongoing quest to stay ahead with Affordable UT’s range of training modules.  

Visual Learners

Learning Outcomes

Key Takeaways

Kinesthetic Learners

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